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  • Flange Coupling (YL Series) Flange coupling is used to bring two half couplings together for the purpose of transmitting movement and torque. It belongs to rigid coupling. This shaft coupling mainly has two structures. The first is to transfer torque by using reamed hole bolt...

Rigid Coupling

Rigid coupling is a unit of hardware used to join two shafts within a motor or a mechanical system. It is made up of a half coupling with groove on the end face and a telophragma. Rigid shaft coupling is also equipped with two shaft sleeves and a center steel shell.

Rigid coupling can be used to connect two separate systems, such as a motor and a generator, or to repair a connection within a single system. Rigid shaft coupling may also be added between shafts to reduce shock or wear at the point where the shafts meet.

1. Rigid coupling of small specification features light weight, low inertia and high sensitivity.
2. In practical application, rigid shaft coupling has the advantages of maintenance-free, strong resistance to oil and anti-corrosion.
3. We also provide product models with different aperture sizes on both ends.

Disassembling Method
1. Before disassembling rigid coupling, it is advisable to make some marks on the coupling position of various components. This can be used for reference when reassemble it.
2. For the bolts corroded or having much grease, one can spray solvent (such as loose rust agent) to the connecting positions of bolt and nut. After the solvent penetrates into the thread, rigid coupling is easier to disassemble.

Founded in April 17, 2006, Zhenjiang Orienthold Machinery Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise which integrates designing, manufacturing and sales service of rigid coupling, flexible coupling and other equipment. We implement strict quality control system and perfect testing system in order to ensure the quality of our products. Rigid couplings have won widespread praise and recognition by customers from both home and abroad.