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Hammer Re-Chipper

Hammer Re-Chipper

Hammer re-chipper is used to directly crush the materials with maximal granularity of 600 to 1800 mm into smaller ones (25 or below 25 mm). It is made up of hammer crusher cabinet, rotor, hammer and sieve plate, etc. Hammer re-chipper can be used in crushing production line, sand making production line and beneficiation production line.

1. Hammer re-chipper is suitable for crushing medium hardness materials such as limestone, chemical, electric power, metallurgy and other industries.
2. Wood rechipper can be used to crush asbestos cement wastes in order to recycle asbestos fiber.
3. It can also be used to crush wood pieces with good fiber structure, elasticity and toughness.

1. The working hammer of hammer re-chipper adopts new casting technology. It is wear resistant and impact resistant.
2. Wood rechipper has sealed structure. This solves the dust pollution in crushing plant and ash leakage problems in the engine.
3. It features compact structure, less wearing parts and maintenance friendly.
4. We can adjust the needed sizes of products according to customers’ requirements.

Hammer Re-Chipper
Model Technical Data BX348 BX348A BX3410 BX3410/12 BX3413 BX4812 BX3812/20
Rotor diameter (mm) 850 800 960 1000 1350 1200 1200
Rotation (rpm) 1050 1050 1480 1160 740 1250 1100
Number of Hammer Head 696 372 28 28 696 198 342
Productivity (t/h) 5 2.5 2-3 5-10 80m3/h 50m3/h 3 6-8
Feed Opening (mm) 2034×600 1213×600 300×900 350×1050 1052×900 902×900 1220×430 430×2000
Main Motor Power (kW) 75 55 160 160 132 200 250
Weight  (kg) 3425 2446 12000 12000 7023 6000 6300
Dimension (mm) 2598×1370×1230 1784×1370×1230 3980×2480×1900 2850×2799×1482 2874×2092×1692 3246×3246×1885 2980×2000×1885
Raw Material flakes flakes small-diameter lumbers, slabs wood waste cotton stalk chips chips
Feed Method upper feeding upper feeding horizontal feeding horizontal feeding upper feeding upper feeding upper feeding

Safe Operation
1. During inspection process, one should put on labor protection articles correctly.
2. Regularly check the hammer head in case of cracks.
3. Regularly observe the crusher running voice as well as check hydraulic and lubrication systems. If there are some problems, one should get in touch with the center control immediately.
4. Regularly check the temperature and sound of bearing. If there is abnormal broken voices in the working process, hammer re-chipper should stop working immediately.
5. Regularly check if there are chunks in the discharging pit that are bigger than required feeding size. Once it happened, the machine should be stopped and the chunks be removed immediately.

Operation Maintenance
1. Before start working, there should be no material in the engine. Besides, the machine should not stop working until materials in the crushing cavity is emptied.
2. Keep uniform feeding and notice that metal debris should not be included.
3. If discharging granularity does not conform to quality requirements, the grate should be replaced or adjust the height of grate bracket.
4. Regularly check the foundation bolts and plate bolts. If there are any loose, they should be tightened immediately.
5. Often inspect the easy wearing parts such as hammer and lining board in case of problems.
6. Regularly check the lubrication condition to keep the machine in good state. Temperature of the rotor bearing should be kept below 60℃ and the highest should not exceed 70℃.

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