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Wood Chip Screening Machine

Wood Chip Screening Machine

Wood chip screening machine is a necessary part for the wood chip production line. It filters the wood chips to make sure the final chips are in uniform size. Wood chip specification can be controlled by changing sieves of different aperture. Subclass products of chip sieving machine include BF1420A type, BF1420E type and BF14100 type.

Wood chip screening machine is widely used in wood chip production plant, bamboo chip production plant, paper making factory, particleboard factory and chemical fiber plant.

1. Wood chip screening machine features production stability, superior performance, high quality and reasonable price.
2. Chip sieving machine has the advantages of balanced swing, low noise and long serving life.


Model BF 1420A BF 1420E BF 14100
Number of sieve plate (deck) 3 3 3
Size of screening hole (upper) (mm) Φ30Φ40Φ45 65×65 65×65
Size of screening hole (medium) (mm) Φ5 Φ4 Φ4
Screening area  (m³) 2.65 8 10
Productivity (m³/h) 15 100-130 150-200
Motor power (kw) 4 7.5 11
Overall dimension (L×W×H) (mm) 2700×1560×1580 5250×2670×1880 5650×3210×2250
Weight (kg) 1800 3500 3750

Payment, Packaging and Delivery
1. T/T or L/C is accepted terms of payment.
2. Products are packed in standard wooden cases.
3. Type of shipping is by sea or by air.

We own strict quality control system and perfect testing system in order to ensure the quality of wood chip screening machine. Having passed the CE certificate, chip sieving machines are exported to Russia, Belgium, Greece, Sweden, Britain, Turkey, Canada, the United States, Australia, Egypt and South Africa.

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