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Drum Re-Chipper

Drum Re-Chipper

Drum re-chipper is a kind of modified auxiliary product of chipper. It is used for economical re-chipping of non-uniform materials such as butt ends, slabs, tree barks and particle wood wastes. It is optionally equipped with multi-knife rotor or hammer. Wood rechipper can be mounted in the chipping production line after the screening machine.

Drum re-chipper can make over-sized chips into smaller ones. It can also be used to cut shredded paper and cardboard.


Drum Re-Chipper
Model Technical Data BX326 BX328
Rotor Diameter      (mm) 650 800
Rotation of Rotor     (rpm) 590 836 650
Number of Rotor Knives 2 2
Productivity         (m3/h) 5-30 6-30
Feed Opening         (mm) 300×600 892×350
Chip Length           (mm) 12-35 12-40
Main Motor Power     (kW) 37-45 55
Weight                (kg) 2300 3540
Raw Material Over-big chips, short wood and pollard
Feed Method Upper feeding

We own strict quality control system and perfect testing system in order to ensure the quality of drum re-chippers. Wood chipper production technology and quality have reached the international level. Besides, wood rechippers have won widespread praise and recognition by customers both home and abroad. Zhenjiang Orienthold warmly welcomes customers’ visit and guidance.

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