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  • Drum Re-Chipper Drum re-chipper is a kind of modified auxiliary product of chipper. It is used for economical re-chipping of non-uniform materials such as butt ends, slabs, tree barks and particle wood wastes. It is optionally equipped with multi-knife rotor or hammer...
  • Hammer Re-Chipper Hammer re-chipper is used to directly crush the materials with maximal granularity of 600 to 1800 mm into smaller ones (25 or below 25 mm). It is made up of hammer crusher cabinet, rotor, hammer and sieve plate, etc. Hammer re-chipper can be used in crushing production line, sand ...

Wood Re-Chipper

Wood rechipper uses blade cutting and high speed airflow crushing to cut the wood into sawdust. The subclass product includes BX348 and BX3410 series. Wood rechipper can be divided into two types: drum re-chipper (use blades) and hammer re-chipper, which are widely used in wood-based panel industry.

Wood rechipper is widely used in the raw material preparing process in the factories of flake board, fiberboard, paper making and wood chip making plant.

1. Wood rechipper features compact structure, easy operation and high production capacity.
2. Sawdust making machine is safe, reliable, maintenance friendly and free from sharpening.

Payment, Packaging and Delivery
1. T/T or L/C is accepted terms of payment.
2. Sawdust making machines are packed in standard wooden cases.
3. Type of shipping is by sea or by air.

Founded in April 17, 2006, Zhenjiang Orienthold Machinery Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise which integrates designing, manufacturing and sales service of shaft couplings, wood rechippers and flaking machines. Our products are widely used in forestry, transportation, metallurgy, chemical, mining, construction and MDF man-made board production industry. Having passed the CE certificate, the products are exported to Malaysia, Singapore, Canada, the United States, Australia, Egypt and South Africa.

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