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  • Slider Coupling Slider coupling is made up of two bushings and one center slider. Used for transmitting torque, the center slider is made of steel or abrasion-resistant alloy. Oldham coupling offsets the relative displacement by sliding of center slider. It is also able to integrate sliding and rotation...
  • Tire Coupling Tyre coupling transmits torque by the friction between tyre and flange end face. This shaft coupling has very high elasticity and strong ability in compensation for relative displacement of two axes...
  • Safety Couplings Safety coupling is also called torque limiting coupling. It is made up of chain coupling and friction gear. This machine is mainly used for overload protection. When the required torque is more than the set value caused by overload or mechanical failure...
  • Double Roller Chain Coupling A double roller chain coupling consists of one duplex roller chain and two sprockets. Both shafts can be easily coupled or decoupled with a single joint pin inserted into or extracted from the roller chains. Since a powerful roller chain is engaged with the sprockets...

Other Shaft Couplings

Founded in April 17, 2006, Zhenjiang Orienthold Machinery Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise which integrates designing, manufacturing and sales service of shaft couplings, wood chippers and flaking machines. Our products are widely used in forestry, transportation, metallurgy, chemical, mining, construction and MDF man-made board production industry. We own strict quality control system and perfect testing system in order to ensure the quality of our products. Wood chipper production technology and quality have reached the international level.

Other shaft includes slider coupling, tyre coupling, safety coupling and double roller chain coupling.

Over the years, Orienthold is devoted to the development and production of slider coupling, tyre coupling, safety coupling and double roller chain coupling and other machines. We emphasize scientific and technological innovation. The products are accepted by more and more customers. Orienthold develops quickly and accumulates abundant capital and technology strength. We provide a variety of shaft couplings for customers to test and inspect.