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  • Drum Chipper Drum chipper is dedicated equipment for making wood chips. It can be used to cut logs and timbers into high quality wood chips with uniform length and smooth incision. Drum chipping machine is made up of main body, feeding roller, conveyer belt and hydralic system....
  • Wood Chipper Accessories Wood chipper accessories mainly includes belt pulley, wood chipper knife, chipper screen, feed roller, bottom knife, down comb panel, sealing ring of main shaft and knife drum.Wood chipper accessories include fly-cutter, bed knife, main shaft, fly knife holder, screen cloth....

Wood Chipper

Wood chipper is used for cutting wood into smaller woodchips. Main cutting raw material of wood chipping machine includes after-peeling woods, bamboo woods and slabs. In order to further meet the different requirements of wood length in paper making, fiberboard and particle board industries, our company has made some improvement in wood chippers recently. The new machine now is more user-friendly.

Wood chipper is widely used in textile, paper making, pulping and man-made board industries. Besides, wood chipping machine is suitable for all kinds of paper mill, particleboard factory, fiberboard factory, wood chip production base and wood chip exporting base.

1. Wood chipper has the advantages of uniform chipping length, uniform thickness and stable production.
2. After being made some improvements, wood chipping machine has higher quality and more superior performance.

Wood chipper is made up of main motor, main electrical cabinet, electric control cabinet, transmission assembly, belt cover, triangle belt, bolt M24×8, washers Φ24, nut M20, bolt M10, washers Φ10, nut M10, M8 bolts, washers Φ8, nut M8, fly knife adjustment device, bottom knife adjustment device, knife roller fixed bolt, torque wrench, socket head wrench, socket hex wrench, feeler gauge, fly-cutter, instruction manual. Certificate of approval and shipping list are also available to customers.

Customers should choose wood chipper according to the wood chip size, production capacity and production environment. Wood chipping machine has uniform chipping function for those materials with width between 30 mm to 350 mm and thickness more than 5 mm.

Payment, Packaging and Delivery
1. T/T or L/C is accepted terms of payment.
2. Products are packed in standard wooden cases.
3. Type of shipping is by sea or by air.

Founded in April 17, 2006, Zhenjiang Orienthold Machinery Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise which integrates designing, manufacturing and sales service of shaft couplings, wood chippers and flaking machines. Our products are widely used in forestry, transportation, metallurgy, chemical, mining, construction and MDF man-made board production industry. Having passed the CE certificate, the products are exported to Russia, Belgium, Sweden, Britain, Canada, the United States, Australia, Egypt and South Africa.