Belt Pulley

Belt Pulley

Belt pulley allows for mechanical power, torque and speed to be transmitted across axles. It is mainly made of cast irons.

1. Belt pulley is mainly used in remote transmitting power occasions such as power output of small diesel engine, power transmission of horsepower motorcycles and power transmission of agricultural machines.
2. Belt sheave is also suitable for machineries such as agricultural vehicles, tractors, mining machinery, textile machinery, packing machinery, lathe, forging bed, air compressor, speed reducer, generator and cotton gin.

1. Belt pulley drive is able to moderate loading impact.
2. Belt sheave has the advantages of smooth operation, low noise, low vibration, simple structure and convenient for adjustment.
3. It has the function of overloading protection.

We own strict quality control system and perfect testing system in order to ensure the quality of belt pulleys. Wood chipper production technology and quality have reached the international level. Besides, certification of approval and product quality guarantee are also available to customers.

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