Wood Chipper Knife

Wood Chipper Knife

Wood chipper knife which set on the knife drum is used to cut the logs, slabs, timbers, bamboos as well as waste woods. Generally it is made of alloy tool steel with the blade hardness at HRC55-58°. It is a dedicated machine for making wood chips. The finished products are widely used in paper making, particleboard and fiber board industries.

1. Wood chipper knife is widely used in paper making, pulping and man-made board industries.
2. Wood chipper blades are mainly used to cut the following raw materials: pines, miscellaneous woods, poplars, firs, stumps, branches, bamboos, slabs, cotton stalks and other non-wood fiber stems.

1. According to different mechanical structures, wood chipper knife can be classified into disc chipper blade and drum chipper blade.
  1.1 Disc Chipper Blades
Wood chipper knife is installed on the disc. It is mainly used for cutting logs. The finished products are widely used in pulp and paper making factories.
  1.2 Drum Chipper Blades
This wood chipper knife is installed on the cylindrical drum. Drum chipper blade has a wide adaptability to wood species. It is suitable for all kinds of woods such as slabs.
2. Wood chipper blade includes normal type (4 to 6 knives), multiple blade structure (8 to 12 knives) and helical surface structure.

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