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Flexible Pin Couplings

LXZ Series ZL Series ZLD Series ZLL Series LX Series

Flexible pin coupling achieves connection of two shafts by the pin. Shaft hole of elastic pin coupling can be cylindrical, cone and short cylindrical. Half coupling adopts precise casting. It is made of cast iron HT20-40 and cast steel ZG35Ⅱ. Nominal torque of this machine is from 40 to 20000 N. m and the operating temperature is from -20℃ to 80℃. Shaft hole and keyway of flexible pin coupling are conformed to regulation GB3852-83 “Axostyle, Keyway and Dimension for Shaft Coupling”.

Flexible pin coupling is suitable for medium-speed transmission shaft with low requirements.

Flexible pin coupling can be classified into pin coupling elastomer with brake wheel, flexible pin bush coupling, pin coupling elastomer with conical shaft hole, gear coupling with pin elastomer and brake wheel and elastic pin coupling (LX Series).

Our products are mainly used in forestry, transportation, metallurgy, chemical, mining, construction and MDF man-made board production industry. We have obtained CE certification. The products like flexible pin coupling and wood chippers are exported to Russia, Belgium, Greece, Sweden, Britain, Turkey, Canada, the United States, Australia, Egypt and South Africa.

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