Drum Coupling

Drum Coupling

Drum coupling is made up of external gear shaft sleeve with crowned teeth, carrying ring, end cup and sealing ring. It is mainly used for connecting cable drum and reducer output shaft of hoisting equipment. Operating temperature of this shaft coupling is -25 to 80℃. Nominal torque is 16 to 560 KN.m and limited radial load is 18 to355 KN.

Drum coupling is suitable for machines that both transmit torque and bear radial load.

1. The production process of this drum coupling is stable and reliable. It is able to bear big radial direction load and also transfer big torque.
2. Shaft coupling has compact and firm structure. It adopts series design thus helps to simplify machine structure and reduce weight of equipment.
3. It is equipped with positioning wear indicator thus it is safe and reliable.
4. Drum coupling has good aligning performance. It is convenient for installation, adjustment and maintenance.

Operation and Maintenance
1. The relative displacement between localized wear pointer and localized wear notch should be checked every three months.
2. When axial string momentum exceeds the limited value, axial clearance of bearing seat should be adjusted.
3. When drum coupling need to bear positive and negative loads, the limited displacement between localized wear pointer and localized wear notch is 2 ml.
4. Grease should be added to shaft coupling every three months. When the device stops working for a long period, all grease should be replaced.
5. Under normal working condition, lubricating grease should be replaced every six months.

Having passed the CE certificate, our products like drum couplings are exported to Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, the United States, Australia, Egypt and South Africa. Shaft couplings have won widespread praise and recognition by customers both home and abroad. Besides, certification of approval and product quality guarantee are also available to customers.

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