Brake Wheel Drum Gear Couplings


Brake wheel drum gear coupling is made up of annular gear with the same number of teeth and a flange half coupling equipped with external teeth. This curved tooth coupling can be classified into NGCLZ type and NGCL type.

Brake wheel drum gear coupling is widely used in metallurgical machines and heavy machines. This curved tooth coupling can be used to connect two horizontal coaxial lines under low speed and overloading working conditions.

Both NGCLZ and NGCL curved tooth coupling with brake wheel are suitable for connecting two horizontal coaxial lines. Nominal torque is 355 to 100000 N.m.

When brake wheel drum gear coupling operates, with the relative displacement of the two axles and relative axial sliding of tooth surface, tooth surface wear and power loss is sure to happen. Thus curved tooth coupling should work under good lubrication and sealing conditions.

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