Curved Tooth Gear Coupling



Curved tooth gear coupling is developed from ordinary straight tooth coupling. It is made up of two sets of drum-shaped outer tooth, one pair of inner tooth ring gear, protecting cover, oil seal and lubrication holes. Drum geared coupling allows a larger angular displacement.

Curved tooth gear coupling is widely used in the mechanical areas of metallurgy, chemical industry, printing, water pump, fan and transportation.

Advantages Compared To Straight Coupling
The tooth end of external gear sets is trumpet shaped, which makes it convenient to assemble and disassemble the inner and outer tooth.
1. Curved tooth gear coupling improves the contact conditions of internal and external tooth and avoids straight tooth side edge extrusion when angular displacement happens.
2. The transmission efficiency of drum geared coupling is up to 99.7%.
3. Curved tooth gear coupling features strong rigidity and flexibility but no elasticity. Thus it is not suitable for machines requiring vibration reduction and buffer.

1. Curved tooth gear coupling with intermediate sleeve has strong bearing capacity. With the same inner gear set diameter and maximum coupling diameter, the bearing capacity of this drum gear coupling is on average 15% to 20% higher than straight gear coupling.
2. Drum gear coupling has larger angular displacement compensation. When the radial displacement is zero, permissible angular displacement of straight gear coupling is 1°, while that of drum gear coupling is 1° 30 '. Therefore it is 50% higher.
3. Drum gear tooth surface improves inner and outer contact conditions.
4. Drum gear coupling is trumpet shape. It is convenient to assembly and disassembly.
5. Transmission efficiency of this curved tooth gear coupling with intermediate sleeve is up to 99.7%.
6. Nominal torque of this machine is 0.71 KN.m to 1250 KN.m.

Curved tooth gear coupling can be classified into CL, GCLD, CICLZ, GICL, GIICLZ, GIICL, TGL, WGII and WGI models.

Good lubrication is the necessary guarantee of the safe and reliable operation of drum geared coupling.

Our products are widely used in forestry, transportation, metallurgy, chemical, mining, construction and MDF man-made board production industry. The products like curved tooth gear couplings have won widespread praise and recognition by customers both home and abroad.

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