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Cross Universal Coupling



Cross universal coupling is composed of two universal joints and a piece of intermediate axle. It is mainly used for transferring torque.

Universal coupling with spider is suitable for metallurgical machinery, heavy machinery, petroleum machinery, engineering machinery, lifting transportation machinery, light industrial machinery and precise machinery.

1. Cross universal coupling adopts monolithic jaw which makes the carriage more reliable.
2. Universal coupling with spider has the advantages of compact structure, high transmission efficiency, low noise and convenient maintenance. 3. It has high transmission efficiency up to 98.7% to 99.9%.
4. Cross universal coupling is effective in energy saving. It is able to reduce the power consumption by 5% to 15%.
5. Universal coupling with spider features smooth transmission with low noise, generally at 30 to 40 dB (A).

Selection of Cross Universal Coupling
The following three conditions must be met in order to equalize angular velocity of the driving and driven axle, namely ω1=ω2.
1. Nodal point inclination between the intermediate axle and driving and driven axle is equal, namelyβ1=β2.
2. Clevis at both end of intermediate axle is located at the same phase position.
3. Center line of driving, driven axle and intermediate axle is in the same surface.
Torsion, bearing life and operation rotation speed of universal coupling can be calculated according to load characteristic.
The torsion is calculated according to the following equations:
T=9550 T=7020
In the above formule
T - theoretical torsion, N.m TC - calculated torsion, N.m
PW - driving power, kW PN - driving power, horsepower
n- operation rotational speed, r/min
k - operation condition coefficient, please refer to the following table

Operation Condition Coefficient K

Load Character Equipment K
Light Shock Load Generator 1.1 -1.3
Centrifugal Pump
Woodworking Machine
Belt Conveyor
Papermaking Machine
Middle Shock Load Compressor (multi-cylinder) 1.3 - 1.8
Piston Pump (multi-plunger)
Small Section Mill
Continuous Rod Mill
Master Drive of Transport Machinery
Heavy Shock Load Vessel Driving 2 - 3
Transportation Roller
Continuous Tube Mill
Continuous Work Roller Track
Medium Section Mill
Heavy Shock Load Compressor (single cylinder) 2 - 3
Piston Pump (single plunger)
Blending Machine
Pressing Machine
Master Drive of Crane
Ball Mill
Super Heavy Shock Load Accessory Drive of Crane 3 - 5
Reversible Working Roller
Reeling Machine
Scale Breaker
Blooming Mill
Super Heavy Shock Load Rack Roller 6 - 15
Heavy Plate Shear

Over the years, Orienthold is devoted to the development and production of flexible diaphragm coupling, wood chipper, swing chip screen and knife grinder. We emphasize scientific and technological innovation. Elastic diaphragm couplings are accepted by more and more customers. Orienthold develops quickly and accumulates abundant capital and technology strength. We provide a variety of shaft couplings for customers to test and inspect.

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