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Slider Coupling

Slider Coupling

Slider coupling is made up of two bushings and one center slider. Used for transmitting torque, the center slider is made of steel or abrasion-resistant alloy. Oldham coupling offsets the relative displacement by sliding of center slider. It is also able to integrate sliding and rotation.

Slider coupling is suitable for low speed and large nominal torque transmission.

The biggest advantage of oldham coupling is that it can choose sliders with different materials. We can supply a wide range of center sliders to suit for different applications.

1. Slider coupling has the advantages of oil resistance and electrical insulation.
2. Oldham coupling has large size range and small rotational inertia.
3. Unlike other shaft couplings, slider coupling has no elastic components. It is the friction between slider and shaft sleeve that resists the relative displacement, thus the bearing load will not increase with the enlargement of relative displacement.
4. The sliding between sleeve and middleware allows for large radial and angular deviation.
5. The special salient point of middleware serve as a supporting device thus helps to avoid bending moment.
6. Non-metallic slider has excellent electrical insulation effect. It can be served as a mechanical fuse.

1. Slider Coupling (WH Series)
This type of coupling is suitable for small transmission torque occasions. It has the functions of shock absorption and buffering. Operating temperature of this machine is from -20 to 70℃ and transmission torque is from 16 to 5000 N.m.
2. Cross Block Coupling (SL Series)
It is suitable for connecting two coaxial transmission shaftings. It has large radial displacement. Nominal torque of this machine is from 120 to 63000 N. m and rotational speed ranges from 250 r/min to 70 r/min.

Over the years, Orienthold is devoted to the development and production of shaft coupling, wood chipper, swing chip screen and knife grinder. We emphasize scientific and technological innovation. Our products like slider couplings are accepted by more and more customers. Orienthold develops quickly and accumulates abundant capital and technology strength.

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