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Flexible Jaw Coupling

Flexible Jaw Coupling

Flexible jaw coupling achieves connection of half couplings by installing a complete plum-shaped flexible ring on the block. The block is between the two half couplings which are of the same shape. Plum-shaped coupling includes LMS series and LM series.

Flexible jaw coupling is suitable for frequent starting, mid and high speed, secondary torque and requiring high reliability workplaces, such as metallurgy, mining, chemical industry, lifting, transportation and light industry.

1. Flexible jaw coupling features absorbing shock, maintenance-free, high bear capacity, compact design and low inertia.
2. Plum-shaped coupling has the functions of compensating for the relative offset of two axes, vibration reduction and buffering.
3. Quincunx flexible coupling has simple structure. There is no need for lubrication.

Plum-shaped coupling transmits power through squeezing between block and the elastic ring. It compensates for the relative offset of two axes through elastic deformation of the elastic ring, so that achieving vibration reduction and buffering. Nominal torque of flexible jaw coupling is 25 to 12500 N.m. Temperature of working environment is -35℃ to 80℃ and limited rotational speed is 1500 to 15300 r/min.

Decontamination Effect
Flexible decontaminates the dirt through chemical reaction between solution itself and the dirt. With the help of organic solvent the grease can be completely dissolved.

Zhenjiang Orienthold Machinery Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise specialized in flexible jaw coupling, wood chipper, flaking machine and knife grinder. In order to meet the different needs of customers, Orienthold is devoted to expanding the product range and scope of service. We will continue to keep high production standard on the basis of the originals. Zhenjiang Orienthold warmly welcomes customers’ visit and guidance.

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